The following only applies to "new" RIU-IP units (units beginning with s/n 1109 and after):

Firmware and utilities are located in the "RIU-IP Reset Utilities and" folder located on the Main server: "Product Documents" > "Design Files" > "PC069 (Updated RIU-IP)".

The "RemoteController_v2_1_APP.s19" file is the actual firmware

The "AutoUpdate" utility is for locating the module and reloading the firmware via the Ethernet port.  The "mtty" utility is for reloading the firmware via the serial port.  (The "IPSetup" utility allows an RIU-IP user to locate a Netburner module on their network to obtain its IP address and, if necessary, change it's IP address. This utility is not for reloading the firmware.)

Instructions for reloading the firmware using the “mtty” and “AutoUpdate” utilities are located in the same .zip folder above.

For RIU-IP customers that have forgotten their username and/or password on "older" RIU-IP units (units up to and including s/n 1108):

- Open a Windows Explorer window (i.e. My Computer)

- In the address window, type, FTP://, where x is the RIU-IP’s address.  Go.

- Upon being prompted for a username/password, type “admin” as the username, and “PASS” (in uppercase letters) as the password.

- Open the “Settings” folder, and open the “.user” file.  This opens up a window that looks like a text editor window (but user cannot delete, change or add characters) revealing the username and password.

*FTP has been disabled on new RIU-IP units (s/n 1109+)